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5-7 business day turn around time.
5-7 business day turn around time.

Direct to Film (DTF) Transfers- PNG ONLY- DTF

Original price $0.00 - Original price $6.00
Original price $0.00
$2.00 - $8.00
Current price $2.00
Our Direct to Film transfers offer a superior garment transfer option. Easily applied on both dark and light colored fabric, these transfers are suitable for most fabrics and t-shirts, and provide a soft, comfortable hand feel. Get superior results every time, without hassle.
Ordering guidelines/Artwork requirements:
Minimum of 300 DPI
PNG Format (transparent background) ONLY
Do NOT mirror your files
Turn around time 5-7 business days

Application Instructions:

 Step 1: Heat your press to 330°F

Step 2: Pre-press the item you are transferring on to for 5 seconds

Step 3: Press transfer on the item using HEAVY pressure (60PSI) for 10 seconds

Step 4: Allow transfer to cool completely

Step 5: Start at one corner of the design and slowly peal the film from the item. If you notice the design is still attached to the film, repeat the above steps.

Step 6: After peel, cover transfer with parchment paper or teflon (not included) and re-press for 5 seconds.

Our settings are basic recommendations and can vary based on your heat press. We recommend completing test presses with our transfers to ensure you have the correct pressure, time, and temperature for your press. 
Care Instructions: 
Turn the garment inside out
Machine wash cold
Tumble dry low