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5-7 business day turn around time. TEXT subscriber sale TAT 7-10 business days
5-7 business day turn around time. TEXT subscriber sale TAT 7-10 business days

Terms and Conditions

Review our fabric guide located on the main menu to ensure the fabric you selected will work for your project. 



Machine wash our fabric on a cold, gentle cycle using a phosphate-free detergent; hang or tumble dry on the lowest available heat setting. Additionally, when laundering finished items, turn them inside out.


-Our turn around time is 5-7 business days. We print on demand meaning we do not print the fabric until it has been ordered. 

Turn around time for our specials or sales is 7-10 business days. 

*Turn around time does not begin until files are uploaded or emailed 

-Turn around time does NOT include shipping transit.

*We are not responsible for orders once the package has left our facility. All packages come with $100 insurance. If you would like to purchase additional insurance to cover the full cost of your order in case it’s lost or damaged in transit, please keep route in your cart at check out. If you do not purchase route protection or email/pay for additional coverage on your package we will not be responsible for the loss.


-Your designs must be seamless. We are not responsible for NON seamless files. If you upload a non seamless file it can easily be missed by our team and will not be reprinted.

-Please leave a note if your file is an exclusive. In the event of a misprint, flaw, or over print we reserve the right to sell the fabric discounted in mystery bags. If you leave a note your file is an exclusive or against designer terms we will dispose or offer you the fabric at a discounted price  

-Scaling is selected by customer. We are NOT responsible for inaccurate scaling selected by a customer. You can leave a note on your scaling expectation. Specific inch requests are best. For example, pumpkin 3 inches. If you select printers choice, we are not responsible for any dissatisfaction because of scaling.

-We reserve the right to rescale our designer prints accordingly due to pre scaling differences between each designer. We typically leave scaling notes on all orders that can be found on your account.

If you are re-ordering and need your design to be the same scale as your previous order, please leave a note. For exact accuracy leave specific measurements of the print. For example, inches of a specific design on the fabric. 

-The file MUST be any Photoshop (PSD), JPEG, PNG, or PDF format. If you upload a format that is not listed it will delay your order  

- Recommended image resolution is at least 300 DPI. You can request this information for the designer that created the file  

- Please be aware of the slight color difference that may occur from what you see on your computer/phone (RGB) vs what is printed (CMYK). For the best results, files should be in the sRGB color mode. RGB is acceptable.

-You must own the rights to the file you upload. 

-If uploading a full yard file, please ensure it is 56"X40" for all bases except bamboo. Bamboo must be 56”x44”. to guarantee that you receive a full yard. We cannot rescale full yard files and if they are scaled wider than 56" your images may be cropped off or printed short due to shrinkage. We will not be responsible for full yard files that are not scaled appropriately. Please email us if you have any questions. 

-Fabric may vary roll to roll. They may have slight variances in color, feel, drape, stretch, etc. 

-We reserve the right to change suppliers at any time. Fabric specification will be updated under the fabric guide as needed  

-Fabric base may range from natural white to optic white in color. 

-Yardage is printed continuous, however, flaws, end of rolls, and other events may happen where we have to cut in the middle of your print breaking the continuous. We will add an additional yard if we see fit.  

-Orders that qualify for our bulk discount may come continuous, meaning we may ship it on a roll or folded continuously in a box 

-In the event of a large printing flaw in your fabric we will completely reprint the yard. Please note if your file is an exclusive design so we can offer the flawed fabric to you instead of adding it to our flaw grab bags.


Colors will vary on fabrics. Natural fiber printing will NOT match our synthetic printing. I do NOT recommend pairing/matching colors from the different fibers together as they will not match perfectly. Different fabric bases will yield different color outputs based on the printing method used and fiber contents. We recommend ordering samples if the exact color output is crucial to your project. We strive to get our colors as accurate as possible, but printing is an art, not a science. Refunds/returns will not be issued due to dissatisfaction with colors or color differences between fabric bases. 

Darker colors will have a better output on synthetic (polyester) bases than natural fibers. We do not recommend black, dark prints, or solids on natural fibers unless you are okay with a difference in the hand feel. 


-We do not accept returns or order refunds. We will offer replacements only if the fabric is flawed. Please refer to our flaw policy below for more information  

-Flawed fabric must be reported back to us within 48 hours of receiving. We will provide a shipping label to be used for the return. 

-The flaw must be larger than 1 inch and/or more than 6 inches from the selvage lines. Any flaw within 6 inches of the selvage line will not be discounted or refunded. Please understand that small flaws in fabric will happen occasionally, but we will ensure you’re satisfied with your order. Bamboo is the most common base to experience flaws near the selvage lines. It is common for it to not lay completely flat near the edges causing small flaws. Please keep this in mind when ordering correct yardage.

-Please email in regards to any returns. Please allow a 24-48 business day response time. 

-We do not allow cancellations once orders have been placed.



ATTENTION: We upgraded our polyester printer on 11/1/22. The colors will NOT be the same as past orders. They will now be more true to color and consistent from here on out. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause.